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Welcome to Nerja Weather

An amateur weather station in Nerja offering you many years of Nerja weather statistics in tabular format.  Accurate data on historic, recent, and current, weather in Nerja.

nerja-entNerja Weather is specifically concerned with Nerja's micro-climate and local weather patterns. The humid air of the Atlantic has lost most of its moisture by the time it reaches Nerja, which is protected by mountains to the north and also benefits from the warm Mediterranean Sea to the south and frequently from warm African breezes too.

Nerja generally enjoys at least 300 sunny days per year, out of which 200 are virtually cloudless. Temperature, rainfall, sunshine, wind and humidity levels have been meticulously recorded since 1992 and are clearly presented here in tabular form. Recent and current weather in Nerja are also shown.

Nerja Weather statistics are published for the 24-year period from 1992 to 2015 and all "averages" are calculated over this period. The data has been collected and compiled by the owner of Nerja Weather, amateur meteorologist, Malcolm Saunders, who operates a comprehensive hi-tech weather station at his home in Fuente del Baden, Nerja. The station is approximately 270 ft above sea level, so it is slightly cooler than Nerja's beaches, and is located at 36:45:04 N, and 003:50:11 W.

Located in the Province of Málaga, in the Andalucian region of southern Spain, Nerja is a small, eastern Costa del Sol, coastal town 50km east of Málaga City and 90km south west of Granada City. Nerja sits comfortably between the warm Mediterranean sea and a protective horseshoe of mountains to the north, that progressively increase in height, to peak at some 3.5km in the Sierra Nevada range near to Granada. So... not surprisingly, Nerja enjoys an interesting micro-climate that tends to be sunnier and more temperate than that which typically prevails in the region. Until now there has been little documentation available on this.

aquaductThank you for visiting Nerja Weather and for your interest in our work. We hope you enjoy the experience and return often for updates. Please always feel free to email any comments or to seek additional information. For more information on Nerja (with photos) we have prepared a separate article that you can access from the top menu.